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Show your care and support to the needy families!

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How You Can Help

Caring for one another is
one of the pillars of the world.

     We need your help. We ask for your assistance with the following:

  • Please continue to make charitable donations to Yad L’Yad. Donations may be made by sending a check to our mailing address or through Paypal on this website. We ask that you consider making a monthly donation to Yad L’ Yad. Unfortunately, hunger is not a onetime occurrence. Please note that in 2017 97% of all money we received went directly to recipients. All donations are tax deductible.

  • We would appreciate if you would patronize the local merchants that are supporting Yad L’Yad. Let them know you value their support of our organization. Some of the merchants that support us are: Toco Hills Kroger, Chai Peking, and the KC Kosher Co-op.

  • Please consider Yad L’Yad if your child is looking for a Bar/Bat Mitvah tzedakah project; email and someone will contact you about different available projects.

  • By borrowing from and donating items to the various gemachim (exchange shops) around Atlanta, you are joining with the community to share resources with one another. Please call the appropriate gemach directly.

  • If you are able to open a gemach of your own, you will be adding another link to the network of acts of kindness that we are promoting.

  • Volunteer! If you have time or talents that you would like to donate to Yad L’Yad please email

     Thank you so much for your support.

     In the merit of helping to sustain the needy, may you and your family be blessed with good health, long life and success in all your endeavors.


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