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Yad L`Yad promotes the opening of
exchange shops all around Atlanta!

       The word “gemach” is an acronym for the Hebrew words, gemilas chasodim, performing acts of kindness. A gemach is an exchange shop that a community supports by *donating specific types of items that can be loaned out or given away A gemach can also be an individual or organization that provides a free service to the community.

            Although Yad L’Yad promotes and advertises these gemachim, they exist and operate independently of our organization. Please contact the gemach directly with any questions.

Baby & Toddler Items:
Cribs, high chairs, strollers,etc.
(303) 564-1387
Chava Herscovici
Children's Purim Costumes 757-289-1719
Jennifer Friedman
Atlanta Cleats Gemach
Collects and loans used cleats
1418 Biltmore Dr.
Women's and Children's Clothing and Wedding Gowns:
Mrs. Leah Starkman
Folding Tables, Chairs & Mezuzos
404 271 8672
Rabbi Asa
Jewish Book Library


(404) 679-6069
Judith Levitt
Job Search Assistance
Eric Adelman
Kitchen Utensils
for newly kashered kitchens
(404) 329-9359
Mrs. Chavie & Yoel Spotts
Medical Equipment
Walkers, crutches, wheelchairs and more
(404) 679-6069
Judith Levitt
Sheitels – “Hair Again"

Michal Esral
(404) 320-7670
Shoni Stiefel
(404) 325-9191

Carmella's Simcha Gemach
Overlays, vases, votives, chargers and more
(206) 852-2535
Rebekah Silverman
Tablecloth Gemach
Tablecloths, cloth napkins, chair covers
(404) 633-9379
Lydia Schloss
Shoe Gemach
Men's, women's and children's shoes
(845) 274-1956

Tzivia Edelson

* All donated items must be clean and in excellent condition. Kitchen utensils must be new in the box.
     Some examples of other possible gemachim are: toys, candles, chuppa items, over the counter medicines, paper goods, tools, booster cables, rides to the doctor, professional services, etc.

If you would like Yad L'Yad to advertise your gemach, please email us

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