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About us

Support of the poor of one's own city takes precedence over other types of charity. Yad L`Yad, a 501(c)(3) Georgia corporation,  is an Atlanta non-profit grass roots organization established to offer short term assistance to local Jewish individuals and families. The needy Jewish families in Atlanta depend on us to come to their aid. Your donations provide them with food to sustain them. Please think of them when you sit down to eat.

     Our services encompass the following areas:


  • Kosher Food Assistance: The distribution of kosher food and/or food coupons on a biweekly basis.
  • Community Resource Directory: Guiding people to the sources that will help them with budgeting, credit counseling, debt consolidation and other self help and professional services
  • Emergency Grant Fund: A monetary grant to sustain needy individuals during a financial crisis.


  • Matanos l’Evyonim – Yad L’Yad distributes Matanos l’Evyonim funds to needy families on Purim day, enabling our community to perform this special mitzvah. In 2017 we distributed over $25,000 on Purim!
  • Maos Chittim – Yad L’Yad distributed over $23,000 worth of Pesach food and food gift cards in the weeks before the holiday in 2015. This timely mitzvah ensures that all families in our community can enjoy the yom tov.

To donate to one of these special projects, make a note on your check or your Paypal donation to Yad L’Yad.


  • Established in memory of Mrs. Malka Rosenbaum a”h, the fund provides Atlanta brides and grooms with the means to set up their new home and prepare for their wedding. For more information, click here.


  • Atlanta community "gemachim": We are encouraging families throughout Atlanta to engage in acts of kindness by donating to, using and opening exchange shops for various types of goods to be available to the wider Jewish community for free or on loan. (See our web page on "Gemachim".)



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